Start. Live. Die. Repeat. A legion of clones swarming, abiding this algorithm, for ages, amidst a universe manifested through irrational π(pi)s, felt through chemical infested emotions, loving, crying, fighting, finding, exploring and predominantly propagating, generations-down-the-generations, breeding and building kingdoms on a rock with magma in the middle and floating on nothing.

It can hardly be heard by the star next if the Solar system happens to explode this second. The galaxy as seen from the two-dimensional night sky would just be missing a pixel. The ever-expanding universe would give a damn about it, as it happens every second. Perhaps, that’s what a second is for the universe, the span in which a Million stars die and Millions take birth and re-birth. Call it Creation, with all the Chaos, where one bombards into another, puffing-out mass into energy, as if all of it is a reminiscence of an unfinished ongoing explosion.

Myriad days and nights, with flare and freeze, there sparked an auspicious second, on a planet with no straight lines, while its Sun and Moon were stilly watching, clouds sailing, winds gusting and waters waving, Life happened!!! Creation has found a way to feel itself from the inside, engineering a single-cell, that can consume and radiate, replicate and organise, into an organism.

No meaning, no purpose, no plans, no haste. Just a happy child in the field, drawing random designs, experimenting combinations, until it experienced mortality. It needs time and more time. Unlike its immortal non-living peers, it chose to reproduce and evolve. Sprouts, moths, birds, beasts. Reap and sow, flourish and perish. Only two motives - Survive and Reproduce. Even the wildest of Dinos know their Quest and Kamasutra, infused from their very origin/master. But then one day, what could be that day, would surely be falling in one of the 365-day cycle, unrecorded, unsung and uncelebrated, which marked the first commit in the version control, towards the evolution of a new branch of beings, that can transform the face and phase of this spinning blue blob.

Evolution never looked back. This time it had a different recipe innovating these two-toed beings. They can’t run like a Cheetah, nor swim like a Shark, nor fly like an Eagle. No sense of smell like a dog, or vision in the dark like an owl. Unlike Amphibians, the land is their only zone, and can’t put-up with extreme temperatures. No toxic venoms, no pointy horns, not even canine teeth for self-defence. Such Inferior species, with fear of death, felt every second. Yet, they rose, dominated, shattered every shackle imposed by the governing system of life, pierced through the mantle of the biological pyramid, to sit right in the King’s throne.

Blind Prisoner: You do not fear death. You think this makes you strong. It makes you weak. Bruce Wayne: Why? Blind Prisoner: How can you move faster than possible, fight longer than possible without the most powerful impulse of the spirit - the fear of death.

Yes, it’s that fear, that impulse, that forced them to think, innovate and invent, re-use and fuse those lean skills to hunt fatty beasts. When the physiological survival is no more a question, they started raising the bar, piling up new stones over it - Safety, Intimacy, Creativity, Spirituality.

If the history of this planet is to be abridged into a year, they are born on December 31st, 11:58 PM, just 2 minutes ago. They call themselves ‘Humans’ and they recently hosted a flag on their Moon and shot bots to proximate planets, all in those 2 mins.

(More on these 2 minutes in Part-2)