It’s one of those weekends, that I wake-up before you, watching you sleeping by my side. I would cuddle and kiss your forehead, as I see a stream of morning rays reflect through your face. I would shadow your eyes and cover-up the curtains, just to see you sleep a little more, just to see those beautiful eyes, wondering what they dream, counting your warm breathes, brushing your black hair past your curvy cheeks. God! you are so beautiful.

I wonder how many light-years do those photons had to travel, just to kiss those lips and dissipate in that pinkness. The morning star, en-gulped all the other stars, with his blueness, but you still shine on this blue planet. I wish the planet stops spinning and this orange morning would never grow.

I sense all the O2 molecules in the room, drenched in the fragrance of love we made, and I wouldn’t wanna open a single window, to let a tiny bit of it out.

I see your toes slipping slightly out of the blanket. I would caress those polished fingernails of yours, and cover them up gently. Feel warm and tight Sweet-pea.