I was the lone rock, bisecting the current, crowd flowing by, hurry and happy, slow and sad, but me, I am stuck, watching the Sun dip into its own reflection of golden ripples, erasing away all the colours in the sky.

It felt dark and lonely. I couldn’t move, couldn’t move on, felt like a two-legged handicap. we were a four-legged, two brained and one-hearted animal, ambidextrous. As we laugh out loud, I see you through my eyes, under my skin, buried under all those deformities, with my mind. Gosh! you look beautiful!!!

My definition of loneliness encapsulates you. It’s you in every moment I remember, I feel hallow not having you by my side. I feel dissipated, evaporated, non-existent. In all the nothingness, I am just a biological Sensor.

Should I sit, should I stand, should I jump, should I run, I don’t know, I feel heavy, so heavy, I feel the gravity, I feel like exploding into pieces, or I feel like shirking tiny, imploding into the black hole inside. Brain drowned in the tar of hormones oozing, heart choked, beating for breath.

I shut my eyes, to talk to myself, and I realized it’s you whom I always talk to, closing my eyes, in those lucid daydreams and sleepless fantasies…

Is there a parallel timeline, having all the future, we designed in our past. Why are we not there, where has the train crossed into a wrong railway? we were birds, flying between the boundaries, above all the clouds and cyclones, Where are our wings cut. We were the Titanic, the unsinkable until it breaks.

Every atom of my body cut in half, bleeding the life out. I'm like the half-burnt semi-immersed corpse floating in the river of time.

I live you, I love you…