“And then, saw her for the first time, walking, a long shot, in slow motion”, it starts here, whenever I glimpse back into our memories. “What’s the difference between Marriage and Wedding?”, her first question. Gosh! I felt, should have googled this along with ‘How to impress a girl?’, before meeting her for the first time.

I stretched my arms and folded them behind my head, staring at her Pencil Painting I drew for her birthday…

Where should I start? Out of all those billions of words exchanged, raining and vaporizing, cycling and recycling, the ocean of feelings, as I pen this long story about our short journey 😇

First Sight (The Arranged Love  -  Part 1) Post Meet Trauma (The Arranged Love  -  Part 2) The Theory of Everything (The Arranged Love  -  Part 3) The High Tide(The Arranged Love  -  Part 4) The Uphill (The Arranged Love  -  Part 5) And Towards the Summit (The Arranged Love  -  Part 6)